What are they saying about RE:FOCUS ON CAREERS?

"Debbie, you have an AMAZING talent for extracting key information from a 4 minute conversation and remembering it to make connections for people in need.  For that, I thank you sincerely.  I look forward to seeing you again at the next RE:FOCUS ON CAREERS seminar." --Bob Stevens, Process Improvement

“I talked to you on the phone a little over a month ago seeking advice on cold calling. Since then I have been to two of your networking meetings as well as many of the other networking meetings around town. I have to tell you that there is no comparison between yours and the other ones. I get more accomplished in your one meeting than I do in all the other meetings during the month combined. Thank you very much for having them. Hopefully I will get a chance some time to formally introduce myself to you. I will keep coming back to your meetings even after I find a new job to replace my current one just because it is so productive and valuable.”  --Chris Bertelsen

“I have attended several networking meetings/groups and found your [RE:FOCUS ON CAREERS] to be the very bestThe blend of job seekers, recruiters, hiring managers, entrepreneurs and people contemplating a career change made the meeting most productive.  I will be attending [future] meetings and will recommend your organization to others.” –Eric Leichty, Sales  

“I went to the RE:FOCUS ON CAREERS meeting last [night] and intend to come every month even after I get a job. It was the best networking meeting I have been to. Please emphasize to people that come that they need to bring at least 40 to 50 business cards.”  --John Bohan

“I just wanted to let you know how helpful last night’s [RE:FOCUS ON CAREERS] meeting was.  I have just started going to networking meetings and I definitely got the most out of yours.  I will recommend it to others I meet. Thanks again and looking forward to speaking with you in the future.” --Michael Rogge, HR

"Thanks so much for coming to Gainesville and facilitating the networking session [at our Alumni Association meeting].  It was a big hit and we've gotten a lot of positive feedback [about RE:FOCUS ON CAREERS].   …We look forward to seeing you again when you are in town for the student event.  Thanks again” --Katie Seay, Director,  Membership and Marketing, University of Florida Alumni Association

“I want to tell you how much I enjoyed the [RE:FOCUS ON CAREERS] event last night. Your passion and dedication really shows. The networking was very interesting and hopefully, fruitful.” –Ed Shoemaker, Operations Manager

“You and your [RE:FOCUS ON CAREERS] organization are wonderful in helping people ... All programs thus far have been extremely insightful and relevant.” –Pat Prosser, Internet Communications

“That [RE:FOCUS ON CAREERS networking meeting] was really fun last night! Thank you for putting the effort you do into that- I can see you have a passion for it, and it is incredibly helpful!  Just wanted to give you a RahRah, because you are doing something great for the community! And I got some nice solid leads for what I do....” --Marsha Goldsmith, Barter Consultants International

“I would just like to say that I have truly enjoyed the RE:FOCUS ON CAREERS meetings. I have made many new contacts from various walks of life & it has helped me to re-energize as well as refocus.” –Steve Miller

I want to thank you for all of your assistance and eagerness to help all.  Your energy, enthusiasm and support has been a blessing for me.  Thanks for all your hard work [with RE:FOCUS ON CAREERS].” --Wendy Scruggs, Centocor, Johnson & Johnson

“I wanted to thank you for all your hard work you put into the RE:FOCUS ON CAREERS event. I gained a bunch of contacts and truly enjoyed myself.  It was my first time to attend one of your events and your passion and energy was very evident. I signed up for the [Ambassador Club].  Thank you again for the great networking meeting.” –Melinda Greene

“I enjoyed meeting you and everyone last night [at the RE:FOCUS ON CAREERS networking meeting]! It was a great event and I left with many ideas.” --Beverly Beren, Strategic Marketing Professional  

“It was a pleasure to meet you at my first RE:FOCUS ON CAREERS meeting.  The meeting really helped me realize that I need the help of a professional career coachYour energy and positive attitude was a breath of fresh air for me.”  --Cherie Neal, music industry

Thanks for keeping the network active!  Things are quite stable again in my job (after temporary turbulence due to executive management shuffle), not only for me but for my organization.  Of course, what I learned from my visits with you and RE: FOCUS ON CAREERS was that networking can never really stop, so I appreciate that you're maintaining my contact info in your virtual Rolodex.” –Bob Stevens, Process Improvement

“I'm glad I came to your [RE:FOCUS ON CAREERS networking meeting] the other night. I'd never been to nything like it. I went in hope of finding focus of what I want to do for a living. …This meeting…helped me in several ways that I would not have imagined:  I [learned] 5 important things that helped me out in my next day’s interview. To better prepare for the interview, I even went online when I got home to look at some interview Q&A as you suggested. I really want to thank you for putting these meetings together.” --Joel Alvo, web designer

“I want to thank you for hosting this RE:FOCUS ON CAREERS networking event [in south Florida]…it was very informative and interesting!  I believe this is a very needed community service. You have the right personality for events like this!  I think you were made for this type of environment.”  --Shannon Mecklenburg, Computer Consultant

“Debbie, it was nice talking to you last night and appreciate your assistance at RE:FOCUS ON CAREERS. Good things came out of it and today my energy level is a lot higher.  I really appreciate both the event and the information you provide.”  --Pilar Newcomer

”Debbie, it was a pleasure meeting you, and I learned why [I should have at least] 5 target companies... You impressed that on me very well!   And I want to thank you for all you do and for the great success of it...and the help & support your work provides to so many.” --José Blanco, Sr. HR Generalist

“Good to know the [members who attended the RE:FOCUS ON CAREERS networking meeting] learned things they can immediately use. I am happy to talk on other subject if you are planning out your speakers for this year or next.  I think you do a great job and offer a needed service.” –Andrea Rosenthal, Career Coach, Lee Hecht Harrison and Career Soul-utions

I have attending the past 2 monthly [RE:FOCUS ON CAREERS networking] meetings and have found them to be one of the best networking groups I participate in.  It is definitely an energized meeting.” –Nancy Trent, Executive/Office Manager

"Thank you very much for inviting me to last night’s [RE:FOCUS ON CAREERS] seminar/networking session. It was a great experience and I was able to meet most of the career counselors you put me in contact with… I’m also glad I won the book. It will help me tons!” –Linda Velez-Reblando 

“I can't thank you enough for your kindness in getting the word out (and so quickly, I might add) regarding FasTracKids search for a teacher.”  --Laura Newman, FastTrak Kids

Another great event!  I truly appreciate all you do to provide the best networking and career advice service possible for business professionals.  I admire your energy.  Gayle Oliver with Execume was a super speaker and she gave me a lot to think about.” –Rita Whitehouse, Process Improvement

“You are doing an excellent job with this [
RE:FOCUS ON CAREERS] network group. I joined over 2 years ago and I have followed the progress and it is the BEST networking group in Atlanta .” --Huey Gerald, Corporate Recruiter, Microsoft Consulting Services

“I had a nice time [at the RE:FCOUS ON CAREERS holiday party] and the friend I brought with me made several connections.   Let’s hope something pans out for the new year!  Keep up the good work!” –Cathye Hamm, Design Specialist

“Thank you and all in your company for all you do to enrich the lives of those seeking to improve themselves.” –Steve Hart

“Excellent program with Wes Moss. You're efforts and commitment to effective networking continue to be great, and I tell everyone that sees my name tag or inquire about networking opportunities how impressive these RE:FOCUS ON CAREERS meetings are.” –Bill Lilley

“I attended the RE: FOCUS ON CAREERS networking meeting that [Wes Moss] spoke at this past Tuesday.  I wanted to let you know that I found his talk both informative and inspiring.  I could relate to much of what he said …the talk and his book have given me the spark that I had been missing this past year.”  --Daud Haseeb, IT Recuiter

“I do plan on attending future RE: FOCUS ON CAREERS meetings.  Debbie does an excellent job in putting professionals together to improve their careers.  In addition, the knowledge that she offers and facilitates through these relationships is greatly beneficial to current and future employers.” –Rita Whitehouse, Financial Analyst/Process Improvement

“The [
RE:FOCUS ON CAREERS] group was super and I honestly congratulate you in what you are doing... they LOVE YOU!  I would love to help you in every way I can because I believe in what you are doing and you deserve success. I loved the energy of the room and the content.  Thanks a million for the chocolate chip banana bread! It was delicious and very moist and tender... is there anything you cannot do?”  --Harry Vardis, Founder, Creative Focus Institute and Author of Potatoes? Not Yet!

“Because of you, I went to the Mastering Executive Job Change workshop.  It gave me some good ideas and is my starting point to get out of my house, and that is what they stressed upon.  I looked at Re:Focus YahooGroup and joined.  I hope to be able to participate/contribute some and add to the group.  I realized yesterday that you have a great aura about you.  I saw you and was genuinely happy to have been in your presence, I like that.  I am not sure if you know, but your name yesterday was said with such praise in the group.  Keep up the good work. Thank you so much for so many reasons. ” –Michael Hoffman, Internet Marketing Manager

“Thank you so much for organizing tonight's [
RE:FOCUS ON CAREERS] networking event.  I appreciate the career search tips and advice that you offered us.  I plan to use your idea to crash some of the holiday parties given by companies on my target list. I like your way of “thinking outside the box.”  I very much appreciate your referrals and all that you do to help those of us who are in career transition.  I would like to offer my network contacts at AGL Resources and Scientific-Atlanta should you ever need them.” --Rita C. Whitehouse, Financial Analyst

“I just wanted to take a moment to tell that I really enjoyed Tuesday night's RE: FOCUS ON CAREERS meeting. The speaker was great as well as relevant.  Your tips were useful and welcome. The networking you orchestrated at the end of the meeting was excellent.  Thank you so much. I look forward to more RE: FOCUS ON CAREERS events.”  --Connie Olasz

Last night was awesome. Thank you so much for asking me to speak. You've created an incredible service…with RE:FOCUS ON CAREERS.” –Renee Walkup, President of SalesPEAK

“I just wanted to say thanks for your contributions to RE:FOCUS ON CAREERS.  Last night was the first time I’ve been able to attend one of your events, and based on my experience with the other networking events, I’d say that you have been able to create an environment that promotes information sharing which is the basis of any successful business endeavor. I was able to garner several contacts (many of which I received from you) and listening to Renee Walkup not only motivated my commitment to my search for employment, but stimulated ideas to create a more productive work environment for the teams that I’ll be involved with in the future.” –Chris Parker

“It was really nice seeing you on Saturday.  The HOA project was really EXCELLENT! I am very inspired by the activities that you promote.  Hope to see you soon!” Tuwanda Muhammed

“It was great meeting you on Saturday [at Hands on Atlanta Day]…I am very much interested in finding out more on your group RE:FOCUS ON CAREERS. I am…still networking and trying to meet people.  My fiance is a Chiropractor and is looking at expanding his business, so I am talking to him about your organization also.  Anyway, looking forward to hearing about you, your organization and how I might fit in. Thanks again for the wonderful experience [with Hands on Atlanta ] on Saturday; it was put together very well!” --Faye Sykes, Financial Services Representative

“I wanted to let you know that your [RE:FOCUS ON CAREERSMake the Most of Networking] class offered some of the most practical networking tips that I have ever heard. Keep up the good work!” --Gloria J. Williams, Adonai Media Productions

“I really enjoyed your [RE:FOCUS ON CAREERSMake the Most of Networking”] workshop [at the Georgia Big Picture and Video Conference]. You gave us some great networking tools that we were able to put into practice immediately. Thank you again!”  --Cassandra Hollis, Owner, Holy Hills Productions

"Just wanted to send a note to say thank you for this [RE:FOCUS ON CAREERS] networking group. You recently posted a position for Andrew Klein at iParametrics and, as a result, I now have a job in Georgia that I hope will grow into something exciting. Starting immediately, I want to be involved at meetings as a Recruiter/Hiring Manager for iParametric positions. I look forward to working with you and RE:FOCUS ON CAREERS” –Heidi Schuster, Recruiter/Hiring Manager, iParametrics

"I thought the [RE:FOCUS ON CAREERS networking] format was outstanding!! Very organized but gave you time to mingle with the other attendees. The speaker [Beverly Langford] was great also. Looking forward to future meetings!” –Jason Peacock, Insurance Office of America, Inc.

“I think the [RE:FOCUS ON CAREERS] event went well. I met some great folks. Now that I know how to network I will be able to meet more people. Next time I will encourage the recruiters from all of our offices to come and to bring a list of open jobs.” –Hope Woodward, HireDynamics

“Thank you for all that you do. I made several new contacts and hopefully provided some good contact information to others. Keep up the great work and again many, many, thanks!!” –Steve Hart

“It was nice meeting with you and the [RE:FOCUS ON CAREERS] group… at the [networking] event. It was very engaging. I am hoping to convince a few friends to come. I would like to borrow Beverly Langford's new book - the Etiquette Edge - if (when) you have it available. I suspect it may already be in demand. Another interest is Don't Sweat the Small Stuff.” -- Hiram Seraphin, MBA and Mechanical Engineer

“It seems that this [RE:FOCUS ON CAREERS] group of yours is just booming and being very well received. Thank you for starting it and keeping it going. I enjoyed coming last night and having fun with Wendy Kinney's ‘Networking Aerobics.’ ”  --Amy Berss Sherman, Atlanta Speech Therapy & Training

Last evening’s [networking meeting] was simply great! It provided me with a great insight into how I should set my career goals and on what I should focus. The feedback from the recruiters also provided a great insight into the resume design and input.”  --Shai Ron, Marketing

“Thanks for being so gracious to me last night!  I enjoyed the program last night and thought the resume critique was very beneficial. I also followed your advice and followed up with Greg via email this morning, and will give him a call on Friday. Wish me luck!” –Debbie Houston, Administrative Assistant

"I tried to thank you last night for the networking event before leaving. The conversations and discussions were definitely better than just staying at home and surfing online for something.” –Lee Johnson, Creative and Technical Writer

“I enjoyed the meeting last night.
Thanks for another informative and interesting topic. Thank you for your continued support with these meetings and I look forward to seeing you next month.”  --Bill Lilley, Human Resources and Organizational Development

I had the privilege of volunteering with you at the Hands on Atlanta Technology Service Day in May. Just wanted to let you know that a couple weeks after that, I landed a job with Cbeyond Communications as a NOC Engineer. Volunteering and meeting with you really encouraged me to work harder to find a job. I just wanted to give you the great news and wish you the best in all that you do.  Thanks!”  --Sophy Pal, NOC Engineer, Cbeyond Communications

"I wanted to let you know how much I liked the [RE:FOCUS ON CAREERS] event!  One of my colleagues [at DBM outplacement] highly recommended your meeting and I am glad that I went…I felt that the most valuable time was the table rotation for networking. I plan to attend [RE:FOCUS ON CAREERS] on a regular basis.” --Andrew Fleshner, Marketing & Sales

“Thank you for noticing that I needed a little “nudge” at the RE: FOCUS ON CAREERS meeting last night. Your enthusiasm is infectious! I had a great time and made more than two great contacts last night. I see the importance of networking and although I’ve known it for years, I’m committed to it now. I’ll see you at the next meeting! Thanks again!” --LaWanda S. Wright, HR

Thanks for putting tonight’s meeting on. I enjoyed the topic very much and I thought Lisa Mayer did a wonderful job of making a technical (some might say dry) subject very understandable. If you speak with her again, please tell her I really liked the “goal post” analogy for the X bar and R chart…I’ll need to remember that one!  I am always amazed at how you plan and organize these events…you do a very nice job!” –Bill Marriott, Process Improvement/CRM

“RE: FOCUS ON CAREERS is my favorite networking group. With 100 or so people at the meetings....and have excellent speakers.” –HR Professional

“It was such a pleasure to finally meet you last night. Your energy, enthusiasm and passion is contagious. This group is wonderful.” –Penny Powers, HR

Each month’s meeting seems to be better than the last!!” –Jeff Haertel, Marketing & Client Relations

"There were some interesting people there last night, and [it is] a valuable networking group for people… I also have really embraced the Netweaving ideas that Bob Littell has pioneered... so [when] I do [meet] individuals who I'll be able to help land a good position, I'll look forward to helping them out.” –Matt Webster, Marketing Representative, John Hancock Life Insurance Company

“I truly enjoyed the meeting and was impressed with the organization and professionalism. Great speaker; I wanted to mention that [the] name tag [is] awesome!  [Also,] great idea of posting pictures.”  --Luis Herrera, Telecom/IT

"I met you at your RE: FOCUS ON CAREERS group meeting last week. Out of all the networking events I've been to, yours seems to have the most potential.  –Mark Henderson, programmer

“I wanted to thank you for inviting me to the RE:FOCUS ON CAREERS meeting last night. I was impressed with the program as a whole! I made several networking contacts and plan to follow-up with them this morning.”  --Lorene Joynson, marketing manager

“I truly enjoyed myself at last night’s meeting! I had a wonderful time. I was able to give some leads to some of your folks hopefully things will work out for them.” --J. Whitted, Director of Training, TechNet Training Centers

“It was great to see you last week [at the HOA AmeriCorps Career Fair]! Thank you again for all your hard work on making this project for Technology Service Day a great success!”  -- Hands on Atlanta

“[I recently found a position which was] just what I was looking for. I will continue networking, [as] I learned a big lesson--first time to look for a job in 18 years and I had to learn how [to network] all over again. Thanks so much for your help.  ”  --Wayne Strayhorn, Controller, BeavEx

“I understand that the RE:FOCUS ON CAREERS is very successful. Thank you for your tremendous effort to keep the networking alive. I will be coming back to your group.”  --Bob Dickens

“Let me tell you that your work is stupendous, I am getting a lot out of RE:FOCUS ON CAREERS.”  --Luis Herrera

“I was very impressed with your group at the last meeting and see that it could be a very good source of quality candidates.” –Don Cole, Recruiter, RTT Associates, Inc

“I introduced myself at your last RE: FOCUS ON CAREERS [networking meeting].  I wanted to let you know that the session was very good and I certainly plan to be at the next [one].   I learned about other networking [events] around town, as well. I also attended the Mastering Executive Change workshop this week.  It was extremely good.  The first half is good for anyone, working or notThanks for all that you do to help those like me who are searching for a new career!”  --Nancy Prossick, Marketing/Product Manager

RE: FOCUS ON CAREERS: It is a networking group that meets once a month.  There is always a great speaker and then structured networking for people looking for a new job-either having been laid-off or a career change.  It is focused towards people with experience.  It is a great organization!” –Jamie Parker, Realtor

“Just wanted to pass on some kudos about your meeting from two of my clients who attended their first RE:FOCUS ON CAREERS event. They were very pleased and I know will be attending future meetings.  Good job!” --Bob Chaet, Consultant with DBM

“I am so impressed at how quickly you operate. I too am very efficient and I so appreciate your returning my call!!  You are truly dynamic.” --Laura Newman, Academy Administrator at Dunwoody FasTracKids

“Thank you for a fabulous meeting this week.   It is very obvious that you are working very hard to make RE:FOCUS ON CAREERS a huge success.   THANK YOU Debbie for all that you do to help [professionalsenhance their careers]. You are one in a million.” –Bill Marriott, Process Improvement

“A recruiter at [a large Atlanta firm] agreed to consider my resume because she is so impressed with you and your efforts to help others.  Debbie, you are a truly unselfish person who deserves to be recognized and rewarded.”  --Dennis Fuller, Technical Writer

“This was my first meeting and a new experience for me.  [A friend] encouraged me to attend the meeting so I went with a lot of reservations.  YOU WERE GREAT and so was the content of the meeting.  Congratulations on a job well done.   Your enthusiasm was contagious among the group.   I feel this format creates a great forum for networking and a positive environment for everyone who attends.  Thank you for your efforts, for there are a lot of folks who feel the power of your sincere interest in everyone's personal success at the meetings.  Keep up the good job!!!!!!  I am looking forward to the next meeting.”  --Joe Kinker

“It was great to meet you and to spend a little time with your organization this week.  I enthusiastically applaud what you are doing to equip and encourage so many people… you can invest your incredible energy and drive to maximum purpose.  Best of luck and thanks for having me.”  --A Wayne Luke, EVP--People and Organizational Development, Atlanta Falcons/Georgia Force/Arthur M. Blank Family Office

“First let me congratulate you for pulling it all together and having a very successful meeting and great turn-out.  I am really glad that it went so well and I am happy that I can refer my clients and others who I come in contact with to attend your group.  Looking forward to continuing to work with you.”  --Charlotte Janis, Career Counselor/Employment Specialist

“I just wanted to let you know how great the RE:FOCUS ON CAREERS meeting was last night! So energized, wonderful speaker and great networking. I only wish I had realized it started earlier (it did, didn't it?). I got there at 6:50 pm with the understanding that it started at 6:30 per the flyer I had, and it seemed like everyone was well into networking by then!  Great meeting though, and I will plan to attend again and bring others.” –Deborah Lareau  

“Just wanted to tell you I really enjoyed the meeting last night! It was my first networking meeting…I can’t wait until next month’s meeting and getting the chance to do some [more] real networking.” –  Tim Towers 

“Just a quick note to state how impressed I was [RE:FOCUS ON CAREERS].  Yours is obviously a motivated group to stay connected.” –Mark Malis , Director of Client Relations, Banta Immigration Law

“Thanks for the invite to your networking meeting this evening.  I must say that you've done a wonderful job putting the group together and I would like to be added to your email list of upcoming events.  Everyone I met was very professional and I am confident that they will be more than successful in their job search!”  --Gabrielle Gibson, Life Agent

“GREAT meeting tonite...best network meeting and best speaker that I've encountered during my search.  And thanks for sending network contacts to me during the meeting.”  --HR Professional

"I truly appreciate your taking your lunch time to meet with me.  I found our meeting to be most valuableYou have a lot of information and can exchange it in a very short period of time.  If I can be of any assistance, please let me know.”  --HR Professional, HR

Interview on Radio Sandy Springs—Business Executive Forum with Barbara Giamanco, Talent Builders, comments:

Stacey Meltzer, Decision Review Office, Appeals Team Veterans Administration, Atlanta, GA: You sounded great--clear, articulate, knowledgeable, personable.  Your enthusiasm and expertise came through, and you answered the questions posed, and answered clearly and concisely.  

Louis Tsang, GB, Vinings,GA: Great job on air. You sound so comfortable.  And get every opportunity to promote your group.

Randal D. Schultz, Senior Project Manager, Petrotech Incorporated, Houston,TX: That was a great Radio Interview you did..  Congratulations!!  And you were able to bring out the best reason for attending RE:FOCUS ON CAREERS.. .IT IS FUN!!!  I wish that I was back in HOTlanta just to attend your networking socials again.  Hope all is well with you—from the Interview, it appears that you are doing GREAT these days

Nancy Larson,Atlanta,GA:  Well done! I was able to catch a good bit of it today online.  Very informational.  I look forward to attending more events in the future and will pass information on RE:FOCUS ON CAREERS along to others.

Dan Atkins, Technical Project Manager, Bedford Capital Consulting, Dunwoody,GA: Just finished listening.  Nice exposure for RE:FOCUS ON CAREERS and for you.  An hour gave you and Barbara a good opportunity to cover the subject in a fair amount of depth.  Great job! 

Dr. Ken Berger, DDS, Smyrna, GA:I listened to the last half while eating lunch.  You're a great speaker Debbie.  NICE JOB! 

Lori Brown, Medical Software Sales,
Dunwoody, GA: I have been listening to you. You are great!

Shelley Falbaum,
Atlanta, GA:  GREAT JOB!!!  I promise if I meet someone at a networking event that I won’t just hand him a business card and not say hello first (like the mystery printer guy) and will definitely follow up after meeting people.  See? I am paying attention!

Curt Friedberg, Partner, Grisanti, Galef & Goldress,
Atlanta, GA:  Great job on the radio.

“I was to listen [to the Radio Sandy Springs interview] via the web.  You did a great job…and made a great impression.  See you [at the next RE:FOCUS ON CAREERS networking meeting].” –Jamie Parker, Realtor, Heritage Real Estate Brokers

“I was able to listen to most of [your Radio Sandy Springs interview]. You did great!  It was so neat to hear you on the radio (via Internet…)!” –Erin Richardson, Communications and Fulfillment Manager, Nova Research

“Great job!  You sounded…eloquent, confident, and all around great!  We are working from home today and we’re listening to [your Radio Sandy Springs Business Hour interview] together on the Internet.  It did make me think of a couple of things though…along the lines of demographics and metrics etc. (success metrics, how long it took to find a job, etc.)” –John Reblando

“We heard you on Radio Sandy Springs.  Congratulations!  Very nice interview.  I wanted to ask you if you can refer me to a career counselor or company that works exclusively in this field.  Would appreciate any assistance you can provide.  Keep up the great work!  I’ve seen your web site and a lot of people are benefiting from the services RE: FOCUS ON CAREERS has to offer!”  --Linda Velez-Reblando, HR

“I listened to part of your program [Radio Sandy Springs interview]...You did great. Hope you get a good follow up from this interview.” –Valerie Maker

“Great interview, Deb!  You are a natural!!  [The guest host, David Moxley, President of Radio Sandy Springs] was hilarious; some of his questions and comments were so old-fashioned.  Good job!” –Dianne Wilson, Pharmaceutical Representative 


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